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If you own a small lawn, you will want to have a larger Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower. But for that smaller electric mower, the big Ryobi electric mowers were great. The price was far less than the bigger models! To surprise me, the rabbi 13-inch electric lawnmower was surprisingly lightweight. It was almost as if it was not there when you pull it or push it. I remember thinking that I could barely feel it being pushed and pulled. It seemed like it was so light and quick that it took me forever to mow my lawn. I would even try pushing it when I did not mow long enough or too thick to make it feel heavy at all.

ryobi-electric-lawn-mower Mowers Review

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One of the best things about the Ryobi is that it is very easy to start it off. It comes with an electrical starter. It also comes with an AC adapter. You can plug in your power source and start using it. I really appreciate this because my electric bill goes through the roof when I mow a large lawn with a lot of grass. There are small electric mowers out there that will fit into most cars but they don’t really have the power that the rabbi has. The bigger Ryobi electric mowers are about as powerful as a lawnmower that runs on gas. The Ryobi electric mowers are quiet also and the blade doesn’t make noise that much at all. This makes it perfect for a small lawn. It just doesn’t feel like a big lawnmower. And it only weighs about one hundred pounds, which is good.ryobi-electric-lawn-mower-1 Mowers Review

It has about six inches of the cutting area which is about one-fourth of the size of other electric mowers. The Ryobi electric mowers are quiet as well. Its electric motor is on and all batteries are in one place. It also runs on nine-volt batteries. The battery life is about fifteen hours. But when I mow really long grass, the grass starts to wither and look brown before it does on the other more expensive Ryobi mowers.

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