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Stihl 026 Chainsaw is well known for its long hours of service and quality. If you have a Stihl 026 saw, you will increase its performance greatly by installing a long guide bar, but beyond the company’s specifications for maximum bar height, can void its warranty if you exceed the recommended length of the bar. While it might seem impossible to run a chain saw that has the recommended bar height, it really is not that difficult to install one.
The first step in installing the bar is to determine what length bar you need. Some Stihl companies will suggest a bar that is between twelve and sixteen inches long for their saws.

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The recommended bar length depends on your needs, the saw’s specifications and the bar’s resistance to wear and tear. This will also depend on the level of exertion you plan to use the saw for as well. To determine the recommended bar length, simply follow the instructions in the manual of the Stihl saw you are replacing. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the bar fits through the saw’s slots. After checking the proper bar length, take the bar and turn it around to make sure the bar is sitting flush with the wood.

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If the bar doesn’t sit flush, then you will need to measure the length of the bar so you can cut it a little bit longer than you thought you would need to. Once the new bar is flush with the saw’s slot, make sure it sits properly in the saw’s handle slot. The second and most important step in installing your new bar is to position it correctly. It is best to place the bar inside of the saw’s handle slot and be able to push the bar out of the way once it is installed. Be careful when installing the bar because even though the bar may look like it is resting directly on top of the saw’s motor, it could still move once you start using it.

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